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Pandorabox minetest server

Github repository for server configuration Set up with docker-compose


  • Mod-list a rough mod-overview (manually maintained, may be out of date)
  • Settings minetest.conf extract
  • Services List of (micro-)services used by the server
  • FAQ Frequently asked questions (code/server related)


Thanks to all the various contributors: (feel free to submit a PR or open an issue if i forgot you or you don't wanna be on here)


Moderation / ingame assistance

  • Adventurer
  • Ruggila
  • int
  • SwissalpS

(/mail me if i forgot you, it happens...)


  • Warden (rework of my "boring" spawn platform)
  • Pixalou (Streets with light in new-town)
  • Ruggila (technic tutorial)
  • SX (digiline tutorial)
  • parasite / @parasitoid (mesecons tutorial)