Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  devZer0 2f0f690663 Minor add checksum note for Bresser 5in1 (#1322) 15 hours ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt f5e5a6aed4 Add pulse-eval example 2 days ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt 18d9f39c02 Doc update changelog for 20.02 2 days ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt acf1d1abf6 Change CurrentCost and EfergyOptical keys to have units (#1313) 3 days ago
  Benjamin Larsson e4a2bfe6e9 Add command line information when new defaults are active 3 days ago
  Benjamin Larsson e49f53ce4a Add mic to csv output in the ert decoder 3 days ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt 70f523e3b7 Add subtype to DSC (#1318) 4 days ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt a552abce54 Add meta to OOK output 5 days ago
  Rick van Schijndel a2c0aff752 Annotate all continue statements with their expected return code, to assist in grepping/using sed for replacing 6 days ago
  Rick van Schijndel c2e2e664fc Update calibeur, lacrossews and rubicson so the MIC fail is moved above message decode instead of after 1 week ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt a41f00243a Minor fix Citroen TPMS double invert 1 week ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt a47f8493da Fix return codes for decoders using events patterns (#1314) 1 week ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt 96b6c95a1f Minor fix don't alloc empty data arrays 1 week ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt aeafa4ffa4 Fix json escaping (closes #1299) 1 week ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt ee8d91e6cf Minor style ERT doc comment 1 week ago
  Benjamin Larsson 84fb94bcb6 Add ERT SCM protocol decoder 1 week ago
  Rick van Schijndel 4f57c2f880 Add return codes for most devices 1 week ago
  Rick van Schijndel 77321cd722 Merge branch 'master' of into feature/return-codes-3 1 week ago
  Rick van Schijndel b169c9d4fd Add more return codes 1 week ago
  Benjamin Larsson e3335bc117 Fix return codes for decoder and fix mic usage 1 week ago
  Benjamin Larsson c7025b0a25 Change decoder use to float, add return codes for decoder, fix mic output 1 week ago
  Benjamin Larsson 4858035c15 Add return return codes for decoders 1 week ago
  Benjamin Larsson a1a8cb69e4 Reorder code in tfa_pool_thermometer to fail early 2 weeks ago
  Benjamin Larsson 09de5975d9 Improve false positive rejection and add mic to output 2 weeks ago
  Benjamin Larsson 848a50d995 Add error codes to the decoders 2 weeks ago
  Rick van Schijndel 661615bce7 Return codes for first batch of devices 1 week ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt d0b1236007 Change remaining wind dir keys (see #1019) 1 week ago
  Christian W. Zuckschwerdt 1dfa26b6ff Fix optparse strtod with rounding (#1308) 1 week ago
  Benjamin Larsson 0e418ad8ee Fix for wmbus records parser 1 week ago
  Benjamin Larsson 5afdb2eeb1 Bugfix for unsupported wmbus payload 1 week ago