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Minetest XP mod (xp_redo)

Minetest mod for player experience management (xp) It adds an xp counter per player and ranks according to your xp level. The xp level, your rank and a progress bar to the next rank will show up in your hud. On every rank level up you get a award-like notification. There is also a xpgate block which, when placed under a wooden door will only allow players with a certain xp level to go through.


  • Unzip/Clone it to your worldmods folder


  • givexp: Manage xp of your users


Add or remove (amount with negative sign) xp from a user:

/givexp (username) (amount)


Give player somedude 200 xp points:

/givexp somedude 200

Remove 100 xp points from player somedude:

/givexp somedude -100


  • default
  • doors?
  • mobs_redo?
  • mobs_animal?
  • mobs_monster?

Builtin xp events


Every node dig gives you 1 xp point


Every mob punch gives you the amount of damage on the mob in xp


Hud in action

Note: Android screenshot, ignore wrong spacing

XP Gate block (configuring)

XP Gate block (blocking)

Note: It will teleport you through if you have enough xp and try to open it

Player nametags (with rank-colors)


Some initial ranks are hardcoded in ranks.lua (Swiss military ranks, but translated to english.... sorry :)

  • Recruit (xp: 0)
  • Soldier (xp: 10)
  • Appointee (xp: 100)
  • Private (xp: 1000)
  • Corporal (xp: 10000)
  • Seargant (xp: 100000)

Lua api



rankDef = {
	name = "Rank name",
	icon = "myicon.png" -- Should fit withing the background icon (16x32px)
	color = {r=255, g=255, b=255}, -- Player name tag color
	xp = 100 -- xp threshold

ranks are held in xp_redo.ranks as a table


Returns the rankDef for given xp amount



Returns the xp level for given playername (always a number)

xp_redo.add_xp(playername, xp)

Adds the amount of xp to given playername (can be negative for xp removal)



Pull requests / bugs

I'm happy for any bug reports or pull requests (code and textures)

TODO / Ideas

  • Scoreboard (block)
  • More doors
  • Door-teleport alternative
  • XP Regions
  • XP entities/items