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Minetest jumpdrive

A simple Jumpdrive for minetest

Take your buildings with you on your journey


  • Place a 'jumpdrive:engine' into the center of your creation.
  • Insert mese crystals as fuel for the jumps (optionally: connect to technic:hv network)
  • Choose your target coordinates (should be air or ignore blocks)
  • Select your cube-radius (from 1 to 19 blocks)
  • Click "show" and check the green (source) and red (target) destination markers if everything is in range
  • Click "jump"


Optional dependencies:

  • Mesecon interaction (execute jump on signal)
  • Technic rechargeable (HV)
  • Travelnet box (gets rewired after jump)
  • Elevator (on_place gets called after jump)
  • Locator (gets removed and added after each jump)


The engine accepts mese crystals (configurable in init.lua) or connects to a technic hv network, if enabled. There are no fuel checks if the player has creative privs.

A crystal equals 1000 power units / EU

The fuel formula looks like this: 10 x radius x distance

For example:

  • Distance: 100 blocks
  • Radius: 5 blocks
  • Required energy: 10 x 5 x 100 = 5000 / 5 mese crystals


The source and destination areas are checked for protection so you can't remove and jump into someone else's buildings. There are currently no checks for plain populated areas (normal terrain) so you can jump happily into the mountains and make swiss cheese :) A possible solution against this would be a global height or area restriction (see Preflight check).


Without technic mod:

With technic mod:




Advanced operation

Coordinate bookmarking

You can place empty books into the drive inventory and write the coordinates to it with the "Write to book" button The "Read from book" reads the coordinates from the next book in the inventory


Settings in minetest.conf:

  • jumpdrive.maxradius max radius of the jumpdrive (default: 20)
  • jumpdrive.power_item_name item that powers the drive (default: default:mese_crystal)
  • jumpdrive.power_item_value power value of the item (default: 1000)

Technic-relevant settings:

  • jumpdrive.powerstorage power storage of the drive (default: 100000)
  • jumpdrive.power_requirement power requirement for chargin (default: 2500)

Lua api

Preflight check

The preflight check can be overriden to execute additional checks:

jumpdrive.preflight_check = function(source, destination, radius, player)
	-- check for height limit, only space travel allowed
	if destination.y < 1000 then
		return { success=false, message="Atmospheric travel not allowed!" }

	-- everything ok
	return { success=true }

Fuel calc

The default fuel calc can be overwritten by a depending mod:

-- calculates the power requirements for a jump
jumpdrive.calculate_power = function(radius, distance, sourcePos, targetPos)
	return 10 * distance * radius




  • calculate_power() override
  • overlap check
  • No fuel consumption if creative
  • Protection checks for source and destination
  • Ability to jump with smaller increments (1-block range) instead of radius min-range
  • preflight check with custom override
  • Settings in minetest.conf
  • vacuum compatibility (jump into vacuum with air filled vessel)


  • improved performance
  • Documentation
  • Removed complicated cascade function


  • Initial version
  • Cascade operation (with issues)